Clubs & Societies

IT Sligo has a myriad of different clubs and societies to choose from. They are a fantastic way to get to know new people, keep active and get fit..

Closing date for registering clubs & societies is Monday 11th October 2010

For more information on Clubs & Societies contact us in the Students’ Union


  1. Olivia Bruen says:

    Hi Breffni,

    I missed clubs and societies day, because I was not in college until the afternoon, and by then all the stands were gone.
    Would it be possible to get a list of all the clubs and societies that there are, and maybe some contact details/or times etc. for them?


    Olivia Bruen.

    • james says:

      Hi Olivia, the deadline for registering clubs and societies is next Monday 11th October 2010. After this date all the clubs and societies will be confirmed and we’ll have a full list and contact details. Your best to wait until then, you can still register yourself after that date. The Clubs and Societies notice board along the main college concourse is always useful.


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