National demonstration 3rd November 2010

On Tuesday 19 October 2010 IT Sligo Students’ Union held a protest rally from 1-2pm on campus against the proposed budget cuts to education. The Government is making over €3 billion in cuts in the upcoming Budget and it is estimated that at least €270 million of this will come from education.
At the moment there is speculation the maintenance grant could be cut by ten percent. A recent Bank Of Ireland survey showed a four years degree costs €42,000 per student and the maximum a grant provision is €24,000 over 4 years. This represents a deficit of €18,000. During the boom years, this could be covered by part-time jobs for students but not anymore. Since 1985, the dole has risen by 146%, the pension went up 148%, however the Grant only went up by 69%. Yet, in last year’s Budget, the pension stayed static, the dole was cut by 4.1% & the student grant was cut by 5%! On top of the cuts to the grant, the current registration fee of €1,500 is being rumoured to double in the budget to €3,000.
IT Sligo Students Union President Breffni Gorman said:
“The Greens promised fees were not on the cards but yet here we see it coming in through the back door. Since the registration fee was introduced in 1995 at 150 it has increased 689% to €1,500. I cannot believe that the Government could be so short sighted that they would put further burdens on third level students when we call ourselves a smart economy yet we are literally forcing people into the dole queues it just does not make sense”.

Today’s demonstration is a lead up to a national protest march taking place in Dublin on November 3rd.

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