Election must take place on a Friday – USI


The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has called on all parties to ensure that the looming General Election be held on a Friday to allow students cast their vote. 

If it is held at the start of the week, many citizens, who work or attend college outside of their constituency, will be unable to make it home on time to vote. 

This will lead to a significant proportion of Irish society being excluded from voicing their opinions on the future direction of this country.

Younger generations of Irish men and women, those who will reignite the smart economy and return us to economic prosperity in years to come, must be allowed to have a voice in this election.

USI President, Gary Redmond, said: 

“USI is demanding that the upcoming General Election be held on a Friday. It will be physically impossible for students and other people to get home from work and college in good time to vote earlier on in the week. 

Ideally, all elections should be held on Saturday as is common across the rest of Europe. 

The general election needs to be accessible for the students of Ireland, who are the future taxpayers of this country and will be burdened with paying for the bank bailout and the IMF loan.” 


For more information please contact:

Gary Redmond,   USI President:                                               087 9606130

Gillian Tsoi, USI Communications Officer:                              01 7099300

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