Sligo Anglers Association

An application has been made on behalf of the Sligo Anglers Association to

Mr Mark Boland of the EBS Building Society, Sligo Branch under their National Community Fund Scheme.

We have been successful in the first round in which the Sligo Anglers Association have

been awarded €500.

We are now one of a group of 22 who are left to take part in the final section.

The EBS is now running a competition on their web site

through which they are inviting people to vote for their nominated group and a prize

fund of €10,000.

I would like to ask you to vote for the Sligo Anglers Association.

Our aim is to provide fishing equipment for young people in the Sligo area and to introduce them to a new pastime.

We have aimed our project at young people 5th & 6th Class, which we hope will formulate a good healthy lifestyle for them and we hope this will provide them with an alternative way to spend some of their leisure time.


Go to

National Community Fund area, 

Click to take survey,

Select drop down menu,        

Select Sligo Anglers and click Done.

You can vote as many times as you like. Please ask your friends to do the same.

Thank You,
Hugh Gallagher

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