USI Welcomes Labour’s Commitment to Scrapping PLC Reg Fee and Reducing Student Service Charge

Press Release 

17th February 2011

 For immediate release:


USI Welcomes Labour’s Commitment to Scrapping PLC Reg Fee and Reducing Student Service Charge

The Union of Students in Ireland has welcomed the Labour Party’s commitment to abolish the €200 registration fee for Post Leaving Certificate courses, and to reducing the student services charge back to €1,500, if they are in Government after the election.

The current Government renamed the Student Services Charge to Student Contribution and increased it by €500 in Budget 2011 thus re-introducing third level fees by the back door. This decision represented a retrograde step for Irish education, with the potential of denying thousands of students in Ireland access to a third level education.

At a time when employment prospects are bleak, the incoming Government needs to increase access to education to enable young people to gain the skills necessary to build a better life for themselves and to contribute to the recovery of Ireland’s economy.

The elimination of the €200 registration fee for PLC courses by the newly elected Government would make further education a real prospect for thousands of potential students nationwide. It would also encourage more people to acquire further training and skills. 

USI is committed to fighting for the preservation of Ireland’s Higher Education system, so that people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend Third Level in the future. 

USI President, Gary Redmond, said:

“It is vital that the future Government makes Higher Education, and the up-skilling of the people of Ireland, a priority. The increase to student registration fees made in last year’s Budget was a nonsensical decision, which put third level education beyond the reach of thousands of vulnerable and struggling families across Ireland.

At a time when Ireland’s economy is in dire straits, we must not erect any more barriers to Higher Education for the disadvantaged families nationwide. We must invest in the future of the country, and that means investing in education.” 


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