‘X factor’ tour to drive up student vote

STUDENT leaders yesterday put the nation’s political leaders under the spotlight to see which of them had the X factor.

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) launched their National Bus Tour campaign to register 50,000 young people to vote with an ‘X Factor’-style audition in front of a jury of young voters outside the Dail.

Gardai will be enlisted for the campaign to help get names on to the electoral register as the USI visits every third-level campus over the next two weeks.

USI president Gary Redmond said that the focus of their college blitz was on first- and second-year students who were not already on the register.

Mr Redmond said they were determined to get the student vote out. He said the mood among students was different from recent elections.

“Students are well informed and they know they need to decide the future direction of the country.”

USI is mainly concerned about the reintroduction of fees and maintaining grant support for students.

– Katherine Donnelly

Irish Independent – Saturday January 29 2011

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