‘Conscientious students operate cleanup operation’

‘Conscientious students operate cleanup operation’

A major priority for the Students’ Union throughout Raise and Give Week was ensuring that the cleanliness of the streets of Sligo and the surrounding areas was maintained.

The Students’ Union initiated a Clean-up Campaign for the week whereby student workers were deployed to areas of priority between 8.00am to 10.00am each morning.

ITSSU President Breffni Gorman explains;

“The student workers were a fantastic help throughout the week, and carried out some great work which should be acknowledged.

We are really pleased with the success of this clean-up campaign.

The feedback we have received has been extremely positive which is encouraging and greatly appreciated.”  



Photo caption: Left to right Erika Probst and Ustane Probst take a moments rest from their early morning cleaning duties at Mulberry Park.

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