*Bright Sparks*

Calling ALL IT Sligo Students

Got a bright spark idea for a business, product or service? If so, the bright sparks competition is for you.


As part of the (ACE) Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship initiative and in partnership with the Enterprise Society at IT Sligo, together have launched the “Bright Sparks” competition. The first of its kind in the Institute, the Bright Sparks is a competition to encourage IT Sligo students to submit a new business idea online through a dedicated website www.acebrightsparks.com.  Your bright spark idea might be very new and undefined or it may be something you have been thinking about for a while but have never put down on paper – now’s your chance to do something about it.

The submission for the ideas part of the competition is open from the

3rd March until 17th March.  

After this stage is completed the voting process is open from the

17th March until 31st March

where all students who have submitted an idea are encouraged to start a campaign and get people voting for their idea and with this the most votes wins the prizes.


The aim of the ‘Bright Sparks’ competition is to support the development of new business, product or service ideas emerging from IT Sligo.  Students will only have to submit an idea and from their idea it is hoped that they will take the opportunity of working within the ACE workspace which was launched during Enterprise and Innovation Week 2011 to bring that idea to reality.

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