“Lost Generation Must Be Top Priority For New Government” – USI

“Lost Generation Must Be Top Priority For New Government” – USI

The Union of Student in Ireland (USI) has warned that the “lost generation” of young people, who are emigrating in droves every week, must be prioritized by the new government. 

Approximately 1,000 people are being forced to leave Ireland every week due to lack of employment opportunities. This emigration crisis must be tackled aggressively by the incoming government.

The majority of the “lost generation” are highly qualified, educated young people that may never return to our shores.

It is important that the necessary action be taken to ensure that our graduates are employed in Ireland and not exported to the benefit of rival economies. These graduates must be given the opportunity to contribute to the salvaging of Ireland’s economy.

USI will continue to campaign to ensure that graduate unemployment and emigration is at the forefront of the new government’s agenda.

USI President, Gary Redmond, said:

“A failure by the new government to introduce initiatives to combat Ireland’s current jobs crisis will spurn the further exodus of graduates to the benefit of rival economies.

The devastating jobs crisis in this country is forcing the future drivers of our ‘smart economy’ to flee the country. Thousands of valuable graduates have already left Irish shores and many thousands are set to follow.

Ireland’s young people are anxious to be given the opportunity to rebuild Ireland’s economy, and contribute to the future prosperity of this island.

Our highly skilled graduates currently have two options when they leave college: emigrate or join the dole queue. The incoming government must implement initiatives 

that will ensure Ireland’s youth are not forced to emigrate to the benefit of the US, Canada and Australia.”


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