Students launch healthy eating cookbook at IT Sligo

Students launch healthy eating cookbook at IT Sligo

Fourth year students of Public Health and Health Promotion student at IT Sligo have produced a healthy eating cookbook called ‘Come Dine with Me’.

The book was officially launched in the IT Sligo Canteen with a demonstration by Enda Delaney, chef at the Glasshouse Hotel.

This cookbook was produced by students Nuala Wright, Carol Murray, Emma Tolan and Brian Lillis who call themselves ‘The Foodies’

‘The Foodies’ maintain that healthy eating is an achievable option for students, and realise the value of home cooking when trying to avoid highly processed, high fat, salt and sugar foods. It is also a successful way of achieving your five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, for example by simply adding soups, homemade pasta sauce or smoothies to your daily menu.

Considering the economically challenging times that students are facing into, this is an ideal time to launch the cookbook, which will be made available free to all students as a download

Along with a fresh, easy to understand, overview of healthy eating, the book also provides tips on clever shopping, food storage, transportable food and using your leftovers.

‘The Foodies’ aim to simplify home cooking for students by empowering them to eat well, and look after their health – without spending a fortune.


Photo caption: Left to right – IT Sligo Public Health and Health Promotion students Nuala Wright, Carol Murray, Emma Tolan, and Brian Lillis with Glasshouse Hotel Enda Delaney pictured at their ‘Come Dine With Me’ recipe demonstration at IT Sligo.

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  1. Dean says:

    Hi, is this book available to the general public or is there anyway I can get a copy?

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