Environmental Society Volunteers


The society is now finishing up its work for another year and as we look to September we realise that most if not all of the society positions and members will not be returning in the new academic year. The Environmental society has been part of college clubs for many years but due to lack of handing over of responsibility for the society each year the society may fail to be carried on the following year. This has happened every so often over the years however for the last 4 years we have had a consistent membership.

So we are basically looking for people who might be interested in continuing the work of the society to contact us over the next week or so. We are looking for at least one or two people who are hoping to return in September and would be interested in continuing our work.

The work involved is as much or little as you can commit. Currently we have two main project in operation

1. Green Campus committee – involves sitting in on management meeting to achieve a green flag for IT Sligo

2. College Garden – overseeing the running of the garden

The work with the society has had much success over the last 4 years including society of the year 2007/08, Student achievement award 2009 and Green Plant Award winners ’09

The society has made much impact on the college including installation of paper recycling, set up of Green campus committee, set up of college garden, 1st electric car at IT Sligo and ran 4 very successful Environmental Weeks

The work is all volunteer but really rewarding and looks brilliant on a CV! and hopefully some new people can carry on the successes of the last 4. 

For more info email environmentalsociety@gmail.com, see www.freewebs.com/environmentalsociety or search ITS Environmental society on facebook.

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