Exciting Social Entrepreneurship Conference


IT Sligo Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship programme (ACE) would like to extend a formal invitation to a one day conference on Social Entrepreneurship in IT Sligo.

The theme of this conference is;

“Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the North West”

The conference will be held in A0004 lecture theatre on Thursday, 14th April 2011.

Please find attached a schedule for the day. To register for the event, please follow this link: http://itsligosocialentrepreneurship.eventbrite.com/

Please note: only registered guests will be able to attend on the day.

The diverse programme will comprise of professional speakers on social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurs who champion social entrepreneurship projects and services. Those who seek to educate, learn about, network, and collaborate on social entrepreneurship ventures are invited to attend. This conference will provide a forum for existing and potential social entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge about social enterprise and network with other social entrepreneurs, but also provide insight and inspiration to communities who wish to change their own future by setting up a social enterprise.

This innovative social enterprise conference is the first to be held in the North West and we welcome all participants; those developing on a socially responsible business idea, seeking a career with non-profit organisations working on social change, or otherwise using innovative ideas to promote change to society’s social problems.  No matter what stage of evolution as a social entrepreneur you are, this conference seeks to be beneficial to you by providing information and knowledge on addressing social issues and advancing your future as a social entrepreneur of tomorrow.

Cáit Keaveney

SIF/ACE Intern

Innovation Centre

IT Sligo

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