FREE return flights to Europe with Bank of Ireland

Seize the Summer get one of 1000 FREE return flights to Europe, in just 5 easy steps

Step 1:              Open or hold a bank of Ireland 3rd level student current account.

Step 2:              Apply & be approved for a student credit card or a 9mth interest free loan

                        Between 7th March & 27th May 2011.

Step 3:              On approval of your loan or credit card, FREE test ‘TRAVEL’ to 50015 followed by

                        Your name & full postal address.

Step 4:              Once you receive a text congratulating you on being one of the first 1000

                        Customers, we will send out your flight voucher form by post, within 21 days of

                        Having received your text.

Step 5:              Complete and return your free flight voucher before 31st July 2011.  You will be

                        Contacted within 28 days with an offer of an outbound and return flight.

Thanks for your assistance.

Chat soon,



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  1. Rather weird (in a good way ;)) site. How can I subscribe to your blog? Thank you. No hablo espanol!

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