This year the 9 current students from the performing arts course will travel to Dublin for their annual performing arts showcase audition. This will take place in may in  a theatre in Dublin which is yet to be decided. This showcase audition will give the students the chance to show off the acting skills they have learned over the past four years here at IT Sligo under the guidance of lecturer Dr Agnes Palai .

The purpose of the showcase is to get students signed up to acting companies and begin their careers in the world of theatre .Various casting agents and directors will be invited to this private event to view the students acting abilities. Students on the day will act out different scenes and will have to give the performance of their lives as their future career depends on this audition.

This event is being organised by the third year Marketing PR & Event Management students as part of their course. Overseeing and detailing every aspect of the event is giving them practical hands on experience they can take into the workplace with them when they leave IT Sligo.

The performing arts course here at IT Sligo is a four year course where students study a wide range of topics relating to drama which include acting, directing, theatre design and arts management.  Students get the chance throughout the four years to perform in many plays in the black box theatre giving them the opportunity to blossom. The most recent play called “Tarry Flynn” which was performed by the third and fourth year drama students and was a great success.

For more information  please contact: Jackie Lynch Event Organiser

                                                              Telephone: 0868935037


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