Northern Ireland Students Unite

Northern Ireland Students Unite

The student body from across Northern Ireland will take part in a National Demonstration against cuts to Higher Education Funding and the proposal to increase the student tuition fee level in Northern Ireland tomorrow, April 6.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has reached the end of its term. The next Assembly which will be elected on May 5th will be making important decisions about the future of Higher Education and – whether to increase tuition fees in Northern Ireland to up to £6,000 a year or maybe more. Cuts to education funding are also being debated and this could mean compulsory redundancies for university staff therefore having a detrimental impact on the Student Experience. Students may be expected to pay more but getting less of a service. However, the student movement know this is not inevitable. With elections in May, the elected representatives, will be very keen to listen to their electorate and one of the largest voting demographics within Northern Ireland is the Higher Education student population. Students are standing side by side with the University and College Union, UCU, to oppose higher fees and education cuts.

On Wednesday April 6th, the student movement have organised a demonstration leaving Botanic Gardens at 1pm to march to the City Hall. The new Northern Ireland assembly have the power to ensure that the future of an entire generation of young people is not mortgaged in the form of Student Tuition Fees. Politicians often forget the other expenses students incur such as hidden course costs, living expenses, field trips, the list goes on. The Union leaders are also encouraging students to ‘Rock the Vote’ and register to vote and have their voice heard, as a student and member of the public. Everyone from across Northern Ireland is welcome to join the movement for the march on the 6th to stand up for your Higher Education system and for students and generations to come.

While the student movement are there under one banner in the name of fees and cuts, there will also be a minutes silence held in memory of Constable Ronan Kerr. The Students’ Unions have received numerous requests from students to publically pay a mark of respect in memory of the late Cons. Kerr. This shows that the future of Northern Ireland, from every community across the North are standing side by side against this attack on the peace process in Northern Ireland.


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