“The Curlew Warrior” 10k Race in aid of MS Society Roscommon

“The Curlew Warrior” 10k Race

All proceeds to MS Society of Roscommon

19th June 2011

On the August 15th  1599 Sir Conyers Clifford assembled his English troops,  at Boyle, in all about 3,000 men. Red Hugh O’Donnell, whose force numbered some 2,000, decided to await the enemy at The Curlews  mountain pass, which was narrow at the entrance, but broadened out further on.

The weary and hungry soldiers reached the pass, which they had been assured was unguarded. Red Hugh O’Donnell however had made his arrangements. At the entrance of the pass he posted some light troops behind a barricade of felled trees, with instructions to make only a slight resistance, and then, by a feigned retreat, to lure the enemy on to where the main army was drawn up.

The English fell into the trap, and the Irish soldiers were fresh and ready to receive them. After receiving further assistance from O’Rourke and McDermott, the Irish were victorious and won the battle that day.

Now you too have a chance at trying your luck on that trail. Will you be able for the challenge of “The Curlew Warrior” ?

The Battle of the Curlews, was the last great battle fought and won by Irish clans fighting against the British. Now its your chance. Would you be able for the fight.

400 years ago it was McDermott and O’Rourke under Red Hugh O’Donnell

Now its your chance to make that journey.

Roscommon Branch of MS Ireland provide local support to people and families living with MS in the area. The branch is run by volunteers who have MS themselves or have somebody close to them with MS. We will be taking on the challenge. Prizes for first male and female home, Best period fancy dress. Get your team ready and lets enjoy.


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