‘All hell will break loose if fees brought in’: Students

The Union of Students of Ireland has said that “all hell will break loose” if Education Minster Ruairi Quinn re-introduces third-level fees.

The Education Minister said today that he would have to take into account the serious financial crisis in the country and in the third level sector when making a decision on fees.

Prior to the election, he told students that he would oppose and campaign against extra charges for students.

USI deputy president John Logue said all hell will break loose if the Minister doesn’t keep his promise.

“Ryanair will be delighted, because a lot of students I know will be heading off to Canada and Australia (if fees are brought back in). 

“If he wants to see us come back to the dynamic, smart economy that they keep on harping on about, he really needs to think long-term about this…. All hell will break loose (if fees are re-introduced),” he said.

www.examiner.ieFriday, June 03, 2011

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  1. Daniela says:

    All hell will certainly break loose for me if fees are re-introduced. I’m an international student studying in Sligo and I had to take a huge student loan to come study there just to cover my expenses as they are now (which believe me are ALOT).. if they re-introduce fees I won’t be able to finish my studies.

    that would be one hellish problem

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