Hundreds Protest Against Cuts To Education

Hundreds of children, parents and teachers have been demonstrating outside Leinster House this evening as the Dail returns for its first session since the Summer break.

The ‘Alliance Against Cuts in Education’ is warning that all students will feel the effects of reduced funding for special needs.

Pushing buggys, wheelchairs and holding hands, hundreds of demonstrators marched from College Green to  Kildare Street in an effort to make their voices heard.

They says unsustainable cutbacks to special needs funding means children of every ability are suffering in the classroom.


Eileen Flyyn is an Education Worker with the Irish Traveller Movement, and says she’s noticed a marked drop in the performance of young traveller students, saying “if the Government thinks this is saving money for them now, it’s not going to be saving them any money in the future when they have more kids dropping out of school”.


The Minsiter for Education is still considering the 2012 Budget, but insists the country is still ‘broke’. – 15th September 2011


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