ITSSU Garda Clinic


The IT Sligo Students’ Union, in conjunction with the local Gardaí has successfully set up a weekly Garda clinic in the Clubs and Societies Room at the Students’ Union. This free service runs each Wednesday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, where Community Gardaí members, Louise Keogh, Marta Carter and Jennifer Burns are available to deal with students concerns and queries, along with providing many standard services.

IT Sligo Students Union Vice-President Kevin O’Grady explains,

“The idea of providing a Garda clinic for students is something that we in the Students’ Union recognised a need for last year and with a successful year of the clinic it was relaunched this year. It is only through the great support of the local Sligo Gardaí and in particular, Mark Sweeeney, Suzanne Gilmore, Louise Keogh and Sergeant Philip Marie that this service has come to fruition.

The mobile Garda clinic has proved extremely successful, giving students the opportunity avail of the many of the services provided in traditional Garda Stations, along with advice on a range of issues, in a convenient, friendly, and confidential manner”

The clinic has also led to successful teamwork between the Students’ Union and Gardai in the combat and prevention of anti social behaviour. It is the first of its kind in the country and it has led to the better community relations in the area.

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