Less than 10 per cent of students get their news from newspapers

LESS THAN 10 per cent of secondary school students read newspapers for news articles and they get their news primarily from television and the internet.

New figures released by the Central Statistics Office today recorded the media habits of 7,211 secondary school students who were surveyed as part of the CensusAtSchool study between August 2010 and June 2011. Phase 10 – which focused on their media habits, favourite school subjects and past-times revealed the following:

  • Main news sources used by students surveyed:

Television – 39.5 per cent

Internet via a computer – 19 per cent

Talking to friends – 10 per cent

Newspapers – 9 per cent

Radio – 8.5 per cent

Magazines – 5 per cent

Not interested in the news – 4.9 per cent

Other – 4.1 per cent

Source – www.journal.ie

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