Budget 2012

Higher Education

2% reduction in core funding for higher education bodies in both 2012
and 2013, a further 1% reduction in both 2014 and in 2015, in addition
to adjustment for increase in student contribution.

Increase the current €2,000 student contribution by €250 in 2012 and
review progress in cost-recovery in the third level sector in line with
EU/IMF commitments

Termination of Technological Sector research programme
Student Support & Access

Amend grants system for post-graduate studies by paying fees only (no
maintenance grant) for special rate students, and providing a €2,000
fee contribution grant to a further 4,000 students. Measures apply to
new entrants only, from 2012. Existing grant-holders will be unaffected.

3% reduction in rate of student maintenance grant from 2012.

Introduction from 2013 of capital asset test.

Reduce allocation to fund for Students with Disabilities by 20%
(demand driven)

Skills, Further & Adult Education

Reduction in capitation grants across a range of further and adult
education courses (e.g. Post Leaving Certificate, Vocational Training
Opportunities Scheme, Youthreach, Back to Education Initiative, Adult
Literacy) by 2% in each 2012 and 2013 and a further 1% in both 2014
and 2015

Reduction to €40 in allowances paid to 16-17 year olds on Youthreach,
Community Training Centres and FAS courses from 2012
Other Savings

A range of savings across a number of other programme areas
including savings from impact of earlier policy measures, savings from
minor policy adjustments, administration efficiencies, reviewing
allowances, savings from rationalisation of VEC structures, reducing the
overall number from 33 to 16.
School Transport

When account is taken of the above savings measures the Department of Education & Skills will
need to identify further savings of close to €70 million in 2013 and 2014 (cumulative €138
million) in order to remain within the expenditure ceilings set for those years.

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