Minister’s Visit

Students’ Union President outlines concerns to Minister

Last Friday Minister Quinn visited IT Sligo to launch Citrix which isa leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help people work and play from anywhere on any device. More than 250,000 enterprises rely on Citrix to create better ways for people, IT and business to work through virtual meetings, desktops and data centres. Citrix virtualisation, networking and cloud solutions deliver over 100 million corporate desktops and touch approximately 75 percent of Internet users each day.

During the Minister’s visit James Dillon, President of IT Sligo Students’ Union outlined the concerns of the IT Sligo Student Body to Minister for Education and Skills, Ruari Quinn.

Mr. Dillon made reference to the high calibre of Post Graduate Students at IT Sligo, and the great work they are partaking in relating to the areas of research and development, and their value to the region. and asked the Minister if he believed that 54m cuts to Post Graduate funding was justified.

Minister Quinn acknowledged the great work of post graduate students in IT Sligo and Nationally

Mr. Dillon went on to ask the Minister, in light of the recommendations of the National Strategy for Higher Education (Hunt Report) that third level funding was inadequate to meet current demand, and that the sectors needs increased funding from public and private means, does he feel that placing the burden of this on the students with a 50% increase in the Student Contribution Charge by 2015 to €3,000 (Currently €2,000) was acceptable.

The Minister responded that the Department of Education department are working on greater efficiencies regarding the funding of 3rd level sector

Finally Mr Dillon asked the Minister would he be willing to engage with student representatives from USI in addressing the issues to which the Minister said the department of education would be willing to engage with USI in addressing the issue of funding.

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