€1 million invested in Radiowave Cancer Therapy at IT Sligo

A research agreement which brings the total investment into radiowaves as a cancer therapy at IT Sligo to in excess of €1 million has been finalised.

The investment will secure the employment of an additional 3 researchers at the Institute’s Mitochondrial Biology and Radiation Research Group and will include the provision of specialist equipment which is unique in Ireland.

Researchers at IT Sligo, led by Principal Investigator Dr James Murphy, are leading the global radiowave research project which also involves researchers in the US and Australia.

The research is being funded by the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute in Western Australia and its Director David Bonnin described the findings which have been made at IT Sligo to date as ‘very exciting’; “We’re very excited and encouraged by the findings in the first stage of the programme and we’re delighted to be continuing our investment into the research,” he said.

Dr James Murphy, who is a Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Lecturer at IT Sligo, said that the research stands to benefit a number of types of cancer; “We’re investigating the potential in radiowave therapy as a stand-alone and adjunct therapy in the context of several cancer types initially and we’re extremely encouraged by progress made to date,” he said.

The research project has been ongoing since 2008 and the latest investment represents the second stage of the process, which will include the locating of specialist equipment to the IT Sligo campus and the employment of 3 new researchers to add to the already 5-strong team at the Institute.

The Radiowave Therapy Research Institute in Western Australia was established in 2005. It is a non-profit, privately owned and privately funded establishment studying the physical, clinical, biochemical and human factor outcomes of radiowave therapy in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Radiowave therapy is already used in some parts of the world to treat cancer and is considered to be a non invasive therapy without long term side effects.

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