Walk Away @ IT Sligo

The annual ‘Walk Away @ IT Sligo’ event is taking place this coming Wednesday (6th of February) for all students and members of staff. The walk is being run as part of the IT’s annual Physical Activity and Health Week. It is being run to encourage both students and staff of the college to get out and become active. The event is being organised by 4th year marketing students along with Ross Lappin the Sports Development Officer in the college as part of the student’s professional development class. The event is free and open to all staff and students. There will be walking routes mapped out for the day and they will run between 12 and 3 o’clock. These maps will be launched on the day and available to everyone to encourage staff and students to keep active and try out the new walking routes, as well as other freebies. The main route of the day is approximately 2km in distance and will be guided by students.

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