The Hunt for Accommodation!

Firstly congratulations you are on your way to IT Sligo. Now for the fun, the dreaded accommodation fiasco begins. You are now leaving home for the first time. It’s a little bit scary but you can’t wait to be out from under your parents thumb. New phrases are being said around you and you haven’t a clue what the difference between private rented houses and purpose built accommodation. You hear about the magical land of digs where “she cooks the dinner an’ all for ya”.

Here I will briefly explain the different types of accommodation and little tips and tricks that will help you on your way.

Purpose Built Accommodation (PBA)

These houses or apartments are just for students. They cater for 2-7 students depending on apartment size. They are within walking distance of the college and usually have a student village vibe. They have laundry facilities and internet. There are single rooms and sharing also. Most bills are included and rent is usually paid in a number of instalments throughout the year.

Top Tip: PBA may seem more expensive but it includes bins, internet and an electricity allowance also most have security at night.

Be Careful: Most PBA uses storage heating therefore please monitor your electricity usage because nobody wants to be hit with a massive bill at the end of the year.

Private Renting

This involves sharing with others. You may have to pay a set amount for the house or you may be charged per room depending on the landlord. Many of the bills are not included so don’t forget that you still have to pay for electricity, internet and television after rent. Rent is usually paid once a month but again each landlord varies.

Top Tip: Make sure to view the accommodation before you take it. Pictures can be deceiving. Also make sure all kitchen appliances work because there is nothing more annoying than waiting an hour and a half for your oven to heat up.

Be Careful: You may move in with friends and everything can be hunky dory for the first couple of months then they stop cleaning up after themselves. Say it out straight away. Do not let it fester as it may eventually make you want to punch someone who used to be your best friend.


This is where a student lives with a family with breakfast and an evening meal provided.

Top Tip: Tell landlord if you have an allergies or dislikes. There is nothing worse than a plate of pasta in front of you and being coeliac.

Be Careful: You will be living with a family so you need to be considerate of the family e.g if they have small kids no loud heavy metal music at 2 a.m.






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