Student Union led Aldi Bus Service goes nationwide

Last September IT Sligo Students Union launched a FREE Student Bus Service to Aldi from the Institute of Technology every Monday at 6pm. The service was a success from the beginning with student numbers growing from 60 students to approximately 160 each week.


Such was the success of the service in Sligo that retail giant Aldi have decided to rollout the service on a national basis with buses already up and running from UCD, Trinity, Limerick and DCU with more to follow in the coming weeks.

Speaking about the achievement IT Sligo Students’ Union President, Stephen Doak said that “I first decided to approach Aldi to run with the service in September after the idea was floated by our Welfare Officer, Helen Campbell during our annual training in July. Seeing the incredible potential of the project Aldi quickly took over running the service with the Students’ Union handling promotion. We knew the interest was there in other colleges as a number of Students’ Unions contacted us about setting up a similar service. It’s great to see the service been rolled out nationally and we hope to see it continue into next year”. 

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