Dominika Mazurkiewicz – Candidate for Campaigns Officer

Hi, I’m Dominika Mazurkiewicz, I’m in my third year of Studies in Bachelor of Business in Accounting, and this year I have decided to run for Campaigns Officer in the Student Union Elections 2018.
I believe I am a great candidate for this position as I have been involved with the student body since I my first year here. I have been a Student Representative for two years in a row, as well as being involved in various events, campaigns and fundraisers that were ran in and outside of college.
As a future campaign officer, I am hoping to run campaigns that will bring awareness to students and make them as interactive. I believe that we need to make our campaigns LOUDER AND BIGGER. We need to involve as many students in them.
My main objectives for next year campaigns include:

* Increase Mental Health Awareness Days
* Eat Well Campaign
* Student Safety Outside of College- Safe Taxi Scheme
* Sexual Health

I am planning to run events that will involve students speaking out about problems and not being ashamed for what they are going through, as well as making sure everyone’s voice is heard no matter how quiet that voice is.

To see a copy of my manifesto please click here.

Ciara Tiernan Byrne – Candidate for Campaigns Officer

Hi, my name is Ciara Tiernan Byrne and I’m a second-year medical biotechnology student. I am running for the part time campaign officer position. Why should you vote for me? I’m very passionate and I put my all into everything I do. I am diligent and always make sure a job is done right. I am approachable and friendly. I have experience working on committees and in unions and I understand the importance of listening to what the members of the union think, their ideas and opinions. Over the past two years I’ve been a student in IT Sligo there has been many successful and memorable campaigns and events ran. Should I be elected as your Campaigns officer I will ensure that IT Sligo’s unique unpredictable and vibrant energy is maintained throughout the year. I will do this by ensuring that events and campaigns are kept entertaining and relevant to everyone in IT Sligo.

To see a copy of my manifesto please click here.