Dos and Don’ts

The Change from secondary school to College is a big one. No more stupid ties, polished shoes or psychotic headmasters! But it also means no more organised study sessions, pressurising parents or routine homework. With the independence of College comes the independence of studying! To avoid realising that you know more about sleeping than psychology when it’s too late, here are a few simple Do’s and Don’ts guide to help you study during the year:


Do start the year on a good foot.

Get your course outline/matrix and find what you are expected to learn and when your submission dates are.


Do Get a Student’s Union Diary

There are some available in our offices and they are handy to mark when you have assignments, essays, submission dates etc.


Do try to go to as many lectures as possible

You may not think that you’re absorbing anything from going to your lectures but it’s surprising how much comes back to you when you start revising.


Do learn a study technique

Everyone is different and likes to study in a different way so find a way that suits you.


Do have an organised folder with notes

Trust me when it comes to exam time you will be looking everywhere for notes so keep them together and it saves a lot of hassle


Do get all your stationery early

The students’ Union shop is your best bet and it is non- profit.


Do get a reading list from your lecturer

You can then check our website for second hand books


Do keep your registration form

It has your PIN code for accessing your exam timetable an results online so will be handy

Do enjoy college life

It will be the best time of your life and maybe when it’s time to leave like me, you won’t want to.


Don’t let exam stress get you down

Exams are not the end of the world.


Don’t stress if you feel you are behind in notes

Your lecturers, classmates and Moodle can help you out.


Don’t use different notepads for the one subject

It’s messy when trying to study if you have bits of subjects “here and there”


Don’t leave it until the last week to figure out how to use the Library

Get in to the library and get used to its surrounding, you will spend a lot of time there!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Lecturers expect them. If you are unwilling to ask them in a packed hall, approach the lecturer after class, or e-mail him/her.

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