We here in the students’ Union don’t want you to face the exams alone. So we are here to give you a helping hand. All your stationary needs will be provided by Gerry and Linda in the SU shop and they have everything from Starbucks to Highlighters.

It is important to note the difference in continuous assessments and exams, they are both equally important and you cannot pass the year without achieving well in both however there are some differences.

Continuous Assessment (CA)

For most courses it’s just about the most important thing you’ll do because it is easier to pick up marks here than in an exam. Fail this and you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Don’t throw these marks away, you’ll be glad to have a certain percentage completed before you head into your exam. I would advise you to schedule your work and prioritise using a diary (available from the Students’ Union free of charge). The last thing you want is to be up all hours putting the finishing touches on a project, or even worse just beginning it with only hours to go before the deadline.


This time is probably going to be the most stressful time of the year. Exams take place in January (1st Semester) and late May (2nd Semester). Repeats are held in August. During these periods I will be available in the office and on my mobile so if you have any problems please feel free to call me. We also will have stress packs available in the Students’ Union in the run up to the exams, so make sure to call in and grab yours, jam packed full of study tips, pens and study planners.

Click Here for Past Exam Papers

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