Study Tips

Just a few tips to get you off on the right foot!

  • Make a study schedule that outlines tasks you need to complete in order to best prepare yourself for each exam. Try and structure your study so that you spend an efficient amount  f time on each subject and don’t focus on one more than the other. There is a study planner on the next page which you may find useful.
  • Come to terms with a technique that suits you. Just because your friend locks himself in the room for nine hours and doesn’t leave the day before an exam does NOT mean that is the technique that suits you. Learn a suitable technique and keep with it if it works. „„
  • Take a break. If you study for long periods you will get tired easily. Take short breaks often and go for a short walk and get some fresh air. Also use this time to grab a snack, ideally a healthy snack such as fruit and water.
  • Try to prepare a study area that is free from distraction and emulates an exam theatre. Turn your phone on silent for a few hours, put down the remote and study in an area that is quite and where you have efficient space.
  • When you do study for a prolonged period give yourself a treat by leaving your study area when a particular section is finished and as I said eariler, take a break. „„
  • Start with a topic you enjoy and can get into so that you ease your way into study. If you begin with a tough topic you will begin to get frustrated and fed up. However don’t forget to time your study so that you have enough time for the tougher topics.
  • Take care of yourself before and during your exams. Get a good night sleep every night,  eat appropriately, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid addiction to caffeine or stimulant drinks or you may end up like Will from the Inbetweeners, and nobody wants that to happen!
  • Study sample questions set out by your lecturer and look at past exam papers if relevant. Make sure that if you have two exams and one is worth a larger percentage than the other that you spend more time on the exam worth a higher percentage.
  • When you finish your exam leave it behind you, there is no need for a post mortem, focus on the next one or if you have completed them all enjoy your time with friends and family after and relax.
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