Kellie Nolan Cunnane – Candidate for Irish Language Officer

I have a passion for Irish and would love nothing more than be able to make a difference. I plan on bringing the language to life within the college. I have a few ideas on how I would promote the language in the college. First thing I would do is have a “Focail An Lá” (word of the day) on a notice board. (the page will not exceed an A4 sized sheet as to respect other needs for the board). The next thing I would do is set up a Quiz Night called “Tráth Na gCeist”. It would have a mixture of Irish and English through it. I would hold this once a month. I hope that through this people will learn Irish in a fun and enjoyable way. The quiz would have small prizes to give people motivation to want to participate. I would also have more Pop-Up Gaeltacht’s in the college throughout the year, as in maybe 3 or 4 during the year. This would not only promote the language but also promote the trad society and the Irish club.

To see a copy of my manifesto please click here.

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Max Ó’Fhloinn – Candidate for Irish Language Officer

My name is Max Ó Fhloinn I’m a first year in Biomedical science and I am running for the position of Irish language officer. I am currently the Chairperson of the Irish language society AgCaint which I co-founded at the start of the year. I am very passionate about our national language and have visited the Gaeltacht several times. I promise to promote Gaeilge on campus and to make it enjoyable for everyone. 2018 is Bliain na Gaeilge and I want to make sure IT Sligo is represented at various events celebrating the Irish language throughout the year.

To see a copy of my manifesto please click here.