The Union Executive is made up of a number of full and part-time positions. The positions are filled at elections which take place in the second semester every year. Every fulltime registered student is entitled to run in the election. This year’s Union Executive is listed below;

Full time officers

Vanessa Molloy

Job description: The president is the CEO of the union and looks after the day to day running of all aspects of the union as well as all the academic policy of the college. As the President Stephen is also one of the student representatives on both the Governing body and Academic Council.

Vice President/Education
Tara Ní Raghallaigh

The Vice President/Education Officer is responsible for the general educational affairs of all the students of the IT Sligo. He works together with the appropriate departments and units in the Institute to continuously improve educational services, and to communicate Union and general policy on educational affairs throughout the Institute.

Vice President/Welfare

Laura Muldoon

The Vice President is also the Student Welfare Officer and is responsible for the general welfare of the students of IT Sligo. She liaises with the chaplain, medical and mental health service in order to expand the general welfare services available to students. In addition to this the Vice President communicates Students’ Union and general policy on welfare in IT Sligo as well as running the SU’s Welfare Campaigns.

Part Time Officers

Entertainments Officer
Michael Mitchell –

The Entertainments Officer is responsible for the organisation and promotion of entertainments both on and off campus. You will be able to contact the officer on the email above.

Campaigns Officer
Dominika Mazurkiewicz –

The Campaigns Officer’s job is to provide administrative support for all the campaigns the Students Union chooses to run during the year and will also spearhead any campaigns delegated to the post. So if you have any ideas for campaigns you would like to see your Union run this year, you can email Ustane as above.

Equality Officer
Tomisin Etti –

The Equality Officer works in tandem with the Welfare Officer through out the year to insure that there is equality among all students in the IT. Marrion is responsible for equality relevant campaigns and will assist students regarding matters of equality as individuals and larger groups. You can contact Marrion on the email listed above.

Irish Language Officer
Kelly Nolan Cunnane –

The Irish Language Officer is responsible for the organisation of events and promotion of the Irish Language both on and off campus. You will be able to contact the officer on the email above.

Clubs & Societies Officer
Shane McGivney –

The Clubs & Societies Officer sits on the Clubs & Societies committee which deals with registration of Clubs and Societies, organizing of Clubs & Societies days throughout the year and allocation of funding. The Officer is also responsible for the promotion of Clubs & Socs Events working in tandem with the Communications Officer.

Mature Student Officer
Position Open –

The Mature Student Officer is the chief spokesperson for all mature students on the Union Executive Committee. They liaise with mature students to establish any needs they may have and bring these to the attention of the Students’ Union President.

The Mature Student Officer also initiates relevant campaigns in order to highlight  issues relating to mature student members of the Union within the Institute. They also work in conjunction with the relevant committees in the Institute to achieve these aims.

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