Virtual Careers Facility

A new virtual careers facility has been launched at IT Sligo that will make it easier for graduates and employers to connect in relation to recruitment and selection.

IT Sligo is the first higher education institution in Ireland to commission the software, which is a sophisticated one-stop-shop for graduate career and recruitment solutions.

Careers Officer Deborah Seddon said the software will enhance extend and streamline services offered by the Institute’s Careers Office, essentially making it easier for employers to reach the types of graduates they require; “The software provides a digital platform for organisations to publicise their vacancies and for students to keep up to date with graduate opportunities,” she said.

The portal can also facilitate live virtual careers fairs, she said, which will be advantageous to both employers and graduates; “Resources are in demand across all sectors at the moment and we have found that companies are finding it more and more difficult to send representatives to day-long graduate fairs and recruitment events,” she said. “The virtual fair eliminates this logistical challenge and cuts cost for companies.  We have a wide range of companies signed up now advertising positions.”

Having the facility online also means that it’s easier for graduates located overseas and around the country to access, she said; “This platform streamlines our activities and enables us to target students and graduates of specific disciplines in a very strategic way. Whether they’re in Cork or Canada, they can sign up to the same alerts and we’re very encouraged by the level of opportunities currently being advertised by companies.”

The Careers Office advises IT Sligo students and graduates to use the Prospects.Net software in conjunction with To find out more see  or contact the Careers Office at

‘All hell will break loose if fees brought in’: Students

The Union of Students of Ireland has said that “all hell will break loose” if Education Minster Ruairi Quinn re-introduces third-level fees.

The Education Minister said today that he would have to take into account the serious financial crisis in the country and in the third level sector when making a decision on fees.

Prior to the election, he told students that he would oppose and campaign against extra charges for students.

USI deputy president John Logue said all hell will break loose if the Minister doesn’t keep his promise.

“Ryanair will be delighted, because a lot of students I know will be heading off to Canada and Australia (if fees are brought back in). 

“If he wants to see us come back to the dynamic, smart economy that they keep on harping on about, he really needs to think long-term about this…. All hell will break loose (if fees are re-introduced),” he said.

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Having rocked the bar many times, Skratch Bastid is now ready to raise it.

In 2010, The Bastid has become one of Canada’s most in-demand DJs and respected producers but don’t think it happened overnight. From his humble beginnings a decade ago as a teenager in Halifax- pumping out mixtapes from his bedroom and earning a loyal following already back then- he slowly spread his skills first at DJ competitions like DMC, ITF, and Scribble Jam and now around Canada and the world as a widely recognized go-to guy for party-rocking. The illest redhead on turntables has since gone viral. Seriously, youtube that shit.

Since he is increasingly recognized for his comfort and versatility in different styles- hip hop, funk, disco, rock, club and just about every other genre that will make you dance- more and more people are getting hip to his style. That’s what keeps this Bastid working so hard. Touring city-to-city with a relentless drive, he’s wowed crowds from coast to coast in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and all over Europe as he averages close to 200 shows a year.

For Skratch Bastid, all that energy is brought back to the studio and heard in his music. As a producer, he takes that experience from the stage and lays it down on hard-hitting original music with a wide range of sounds. The formula earned him a Juno Nomination as Producer of the Year for his work on Buck 65’s Situation album, which he lost to Joni Mitchell. You can hear his own music often elevate his live sets along with yesterday and today’s best.

In the past year, the young lad landed in Toronto- after five fruitful years as a Montreal resident- bringing new flavor to the city and making his first mark with a big bang. His new Skratch Bastid Presents quarterly event kicked off with a blockbuster collaboration including DJ Starting from Scratch and world-renowned beatboxer Scratch formerly from the Roots. The inspiring first party was a huge success as it breathed new life into Toronto’s night scene. The three noisemakers are hoping to take the show on the road for the world to see.

If the next decade is anything like the previous one, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Skratch Bastid. As he continues to find new fans worldwide, his catalog of sounds, styles and tricks will leave a lasting impression.

What’s next? Just like in his electric sets, that’s the exciting part! Get down with the sound.

“Lost Generation Must Be Top Priority For New Government” – USI

“Lost Generation Must Be Top Priority For New Government” – USI

The Union of Student in Ireland (USI) has warned that the “lost generation” of young people, who are emigrating in droves every week, must be prioritized by the new government. 

Approximately 1,000 people are being forced to leave Ireland every week due to lack of employment opportunities. This emigration crisis must be tackled aggressively by the incoming government.

The majority of the “lost generation” are highly qualified, educated young people that may never return to our shores.

It is important that the necessary action be taken to ensure that our graduates are employed in Ireland and not exported to the benefit of rival economies. These graduates must be given the opportunity to contribute to the salvaging of Ireland’s economy.

USI will continue to campaign to ensure that graduate unemployment and emigration is at the forefront of the new government’s agenda.

USI President, Gary Redmond, said:

“A failure by the new government to introduce initiatives to combat Ireland’s current jobs crisis will spurn the further exodus of graduates to the benefit of rival economies.

The devastating jobs crisis in this country is forcing the future drivers of our ‘smart economy’ to flee the country. Thousands of valuable graduates have already left Irish shores and many thousands are set to follow.

Ireland’s young people are anxious to be given the opportunity to rebuild Ireland’s economy, and contribute to the future prosperity of this island.

Our highly skilled graduates currently have two options when they leave college: emigrate or join the dole queue. The incoming government must implement initiatives 

that will ensure Ireland’s youth are not forced to emigrate to the benefit of the US, Canada and Australia.”


Sligo Students stage vigil for third level education

 Today a number of representatives from Sligo’s colleges staged a vigil for third level education outside the office of TD. Jimmy Devin’s. The vigil was to signify the death of third level education and the once sought after smart economy. With news breaking last week that one in five are still waiting to receive their grants many students are struggling to put themselves through college with many being forced to drop out. In a report last week Sligo VEC was quoted as having one of the highest number of applications left process and it is no wonder with the cuts to staff in their offices, but again students are suffering because of the cuts.

Added to this is the pressure is the proposal that net year there will be an introduction of the €2,000 student contribution charge to replace the current €1,500 registration charge. This charge is leaving the gate open for future increases in this rate which is really third level fees through the back door.

IT Sligo Students’ Union President Breffni Gorman said:

“We all know desperate times call for desperate measures and as students we realise what kind of times we are living in, but forcing people out of education and into the dole queue is not the way to go. If we want to take the country off its knees we should be investing in our younger generations, investing in their education and not forcing them to flee the country, what is a country without its younger generation. It is a daily reality now on campus to hear of people talking about leaving for countries like Australia and Canada because of the promise of work. Increasing the financial strain on students and their families is not the way to go  and if the government is looking for cuts they should look to the wages of the fat cats that got us into this mess in the first place”

The vigil comes after the announcement of the Governments four year plan which directly affects third level students as it introduces a student contribution charge, cuts the non pay grant and decreases to the minimum wage. This is on top of the current grant shambles that sees VECs like Sligo struggling through their grant applications processed and one in five eligible students still waiting to receive any kind of grant payment.

Click here for photos of the event




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