ITSSU call on local Government TD’s to honour pre-election promises


Political Parties Must Honour Pre-election Promises on Third Level Fees & Student Supports


IT Sligo Students’ Union (ITSSU), St Angelas Students’ Union, together with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) this week placed a full page advertisement in a number of national newspapers branding Government TDs as ‘Liars’. The advertisements, aimed at ensuring the Government honours its pre-election promises on 3rd level fees, lists the name along with the political party, email address and phone number of every Government TD.


On February 21st, during the final week of campaigning in Election 2011 then Labour Party Spokesperson on Education and current Education Minister Ruairí Quinn publically signed a USI pledge on behalf of the Labour Party stating


I, Ruairi Quinn, Education Spokesperson for the Labour Party hereby pledge that if elected, we will oppose and campaign against any new form of third level fees including student loans, graduate taxes and any further increase in the Student Contribution.


Furthermore, we pledge to use our position in Dáil Éireann to protect the Higher Education Maintenance Grant from any and all cuts. This Grant is often the only source of funding students have to support their studies.

If the State and the Government are to truly cherish all the children of the country equally, then this Grant must be supported and we will not support any Government that fails in this regard.”


The following day (February 22nd) party leader and current Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore TD also signed the pledge, publically re-affirming the Labour Party’s commitment on 3rd level fees.

Fine Gael also made a strong commitment on education in its election manifesto, stating that the party would not increase 3rd level fees further.


“We will not increase the student registration fee further. Instead, we will pursue greater pay and non-pay efficiencies in the third level system through greater flexibility in working arrangements, in line with the Croke Park Agreement.’ (Fine Gael Election Manifesto)”


Following sustained media speculation surrounding yet another increase in 3rd level fees, USI contacted every Government TD by post and telephone over the last two months asking them to stand by their pre-election promises. Despite vocal and sustained undertakings on third level education during election 2011 not a single TD was now willing to stand by their pre-election promises. 


The national newspaper advertisement forms part of a major campaign being launched today by the USI. Amongst other elements, the campaign will also feature a large-scale student protest outside Government Buildings on November 16th to protect students and their families from becoming the victims of a political U-turn.


USI President, Gary Redmond said


“During election USI registered over 15,000 students to vote. Young people turned out in unprecedented numbers to vote in the recent general election. Many of these young people were influenced in their decision by the Labour Party’s commitment, championed by Ruairí Quinn and party leader Eamon Gilmore, not to increase third level fees in any form. Ireland is tragically losing the future drivers of our Smart Economy, with thousands of valuable graduates having already left Irish shores and many thousands more preparing to follow suit.


There are currently 3 choices for young Irish people – college, emigration or the dole. Any increase in college fees or additional cuts to student supports will ensure that a 3rd level education is not an option for thousands of young people across the country.


A recent survey conducted by the DIT Office of Campus life put the cost of a 4 year degree at €30,764 for a student living away from home. On top of this students must pay fees of €2,000 per annum in addition to local college levies for sports and student facilities resulting in the total cost of a year degree approaching €40,000.


The credibility of the Coalition Government and its political parties is under the spotlight on this issue and the USI will vigorously campaign to ensure that pre-election pledges are honoured. Education is central to the recovery of the Irish economy and it cannot be compromised.”


ITSSU President, James Dillon said


“Budget 2012 will be hugely significant in shaping the future of higher education in this country. Over the last 15 years, the Registration Fee, now Student Contribution Charge has increased almost on a yearly basis, while the maintenance grant has also reduced significantly in the past number of years.


We in ITSSU have witnessed many sad cases this year, students who have fallen victim to cuts in the higher education budget and have been forced to leave third level studies in IT Sligo; students who have had to shoulder huge financial, and personal pressures to remain in third level studies; and students who’s third level studies hang in the balance pending the outcome of budget 2012.


ITSSU are calling on the Government, in particular our two Fine Gael TD’s for Sligo/North Leitrim Deputy Mc Loughlin, and Minister Perry to honour pre-election promises and not inflict any more suffering on the students in IT Sligo and nationwide.”


St Angela’s College Students’ Union President, Helen O’Reilly added


“It is vital for the future of education in this country that the government honour the pledge that was signed prior to the general election. 


A third level education can help to ensure that our young people can remain in this country and gain employment. 


I am urging everyone; students, parents and the wider community; to fully support our campaign to ‘Stop Fees, Save the Grant.’  You can do this by asking your local TDs why they aren’t fulfilling their pre-election promises and by checking out”





Photo Caption: ITSSU President James Dillon, centre left, and Helen O’Reilly St Angelas Students’ Union President, centre right, pictured at IT Sligo.


For more information please contact:


James Dillon, ITSSU President

T: 086 7737456



Helen O’Reilly, St Angela’s Students’ Union President

T: 087 1263535



Gary Redmond, USI President

T: 0879606130






Happy Christmas from ITSSU

Respect and Responsibility paramount for “Threesome” Campaigns

IT Sligo Students’ Union (ITSSU) has begun their “threesome” campaign strategy, with the introduction of the “SSSHH”, “Don’t Walk Home Alone”, and “ITSSU Responsible Drinking” Campaigns this week.

The ITSSU Responsible Drinking Campaign is a brand new initiative, and comes alongside the re-introduction of the SSSHH (Silent Sligo Students Happy Homes) Campaign, and Don’t Walk Home Alone Campaign which have proven extremely successful in the last number of years.

The trio of initiatives focus on the central themes of respect and responsibility as students embark on a new term at IT Sligo.

President of IT Sligo Students’ Union James Dillon affirms,

“While we in the Students’ Union encourage students to socialise, and believe that it is an integral part of college life, we also believe that respect and responsibility must be practised, at all times.

The welfare of the students and the local and wider community is fundamental to ITSSU.

Our welfare campaigns have proven extremely successful over the last few years, the key to this success is the continued support given by the IT Sligo students, coupled with the hard work of all in the local community. We hope that our “threesome” campaigns for 2011/2012 can build on this and prove even more triumphant.”


For more information please contact:

ITSSU President James Dillon            086 7737456

ITSSU Office                                       071 9141887


ITSSU to host discussion meeting for local residents

As the new college term swings into gear, the IT Sligo Students’ Union (ITSSU) have begun their proactive approach, and will host a discussion meeting at the Institute on Thursday next 22nd September at 7.00pm.

With the commencement of all classes last week has come the annual arrival of students into the area. ITSSU have invited all local residents, and interested parties to the Institute for an open discussion meeting, where all views, opinions, and recommendations will be heard.

ITSSU President James Dillon explains:

“While our primary role is to represent, and defend the interests of our members – the students of IT Sligo; we fully understand our duty to the local and wider community in developing positive and effective relations.

As the large volume of students comes into the local area with the commencement of the new term, we recognise that local residents and other parties may well have some concerns.

This discussion meeting will allow attendees the opportunity to express their views, and equally offer recommendations on how we can work effectively with one another in creating a positive relationship that is mutually satisfying for all members of the community.”

The discussion meeting is the first of a number of similar meetings planned by ITSSU this term. After a short presentation by the Students’ Union, the floor will be opened up to all attendees to air their views, and provide future recommendations. In addition to the Students’ Union representatives and local residence, it is envisaged that members of the Sligo Gardaí, along with members of staff from IT Sligo will be in attendance.


For more information please contact:

ITSSU President James Dillon            086 7737456

ITSSU Office                                       071 9141887


Landlord registration

ITSSU landlord accommodation registration 2011/2012

IT Sligo Students’ Union guidelines

The Students’ Union has undertaken responsibility for the administration of student accommodation and resulting from this has set down a number of guidelines. All private landlords who wish to advertise their property/properties on campus must register with the Students’ Union. The fee for this registration is as follows; €50 per Self Catering Accommodation (€30 for any additional property), and €30 per Digs accommodation. Once registered, landlords will be placed on the Students’ Union accommodations listings. This list will be available in both hardcopy and electronic form, and will appear on both the IT Sligo Students’ Union website ( and the IT Sligo website (  In addition landlords may request that their accommodation listings are placed on the designated Students’ Union notice-boards, located across campus.

Landlord legislation

As landlords, you are required to meet a number of legislative criteria relating to your property. The Students’ Union will ensure that these criterions are satisfied by all landlords registered, to guarantee that student accommodation is managed consistently and fairly across the board, thus enabling students to find the accommodation that is most suitable for them. The obligations on landlords include the following; landlords must register their tenancy with the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancy Board), landlords must ensure that their property meets certain minimum standards, and landlords must have a BER (Building Energy Rating) rating for their property.

The Students’ Union request to be notified by the landlord once a tenancy has commenced so that the accommodation listings can be updated accordingly. In addition it is requested that all relevant documentation pertaining to the above criterion is sent to the Students’ Union.

Below is a printable version of the registration form and other relevant informative material which may be useful.

We hope to build on the strong working relationship developed between the Students’ Union and accommodation providers in recent years, and ensure that student accommodation is managed successfully and comprehensively for 2011/2012, in a way that satisfies landlords, tenants, and the local and wider community.

If you have any queries regarding accommodation please contact the Students’ Union on: 071-9141887 or email:

Landlord formal letter

Landlord Accommodation Registration Form 2011/2012

Landlord rights & obligations

ITSSU Student Survey 2011

ITSSU Student Survey 2011


Help us help you by completing our online ITSSU Student Survey 2011 and be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to WESTFEST, the West’s biggest music event of the year!

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.





Private Bus Timetable 2010/2011

Hi, there is a private bus timetable now available, which details departure times, arrival times and destinations of the of the private bus servicesfrom IT Sligo.

The timetables are posted on the ITSSU notice boards around campus..

To view the Private Bus Timetable 2010/2011 click here

Welcome to our website

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the ITSSU website. We’ve tried to keep the website as informative and fresh as we can, we’ve provided information for you regarding education, welfare, health, and also about the IT Sligo Students’ Union  structure and how we operate.

The website will provide you with up to date information regarding social events, in the college, in Sligo town, and of course in our official ITSSU Niteclub “The Clarence”.

You will also be kept up to speed on the welfare campaigns run at various stages during the college year.

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