Mental Health

It is important to look after your mental health just as well you would your physical. We all have mental health and we all need to care for it!


Due to the pressures that sometimes accompany college for example financial and academic pressure it is easy to find yourself feeling stressed.  Stress can sneak up on us so take notice when you are feeling stressed and try to combat it ASAP.

Some tips on how to combat stress:

  • Taking time out for yourself
  • Work on a time management plan that includes time for classes, family time, study time, and personal time.
  • Set realistic goals and keep things in perspective
  • Plan for the future rather than worry about it.
  • Smile even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Take some time to have a good laugh, it is surprising how much this helps. So watch your favourite comedy and see how you feel after.
  • Get a good night sleep!!!
  • Don’t keep things to yourself – Talking is a sign of strength


Give this Pranayama technique a try: 1) Inhale deeply, 2) Hold your breath for 4 seconds, 3) Exhale for count of 4 seconds, 4) Repeat this pattern for about one minute.

The Mental Health Information Booklet released by the HSE is a great resource for information on caring for your mental health.

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