Sexual Health

College is a time for exploration and having sex is part of being human, but you must stay safe! No one should be pressured into having sex nor should you feel like you need to do it because “everyone else is do it”. Make sure you are ready and always play safe. Don’t forget consent is key!

Barry your Students’ Union Welfare Officer provides free condoms so you can stay safe under the covers. So if you’re male or female make sure to pop into his office (First door on the left in the student center) and grab some. Always carry one!
This year we will also be Super Sperm Tuesdays so keep an eye out for our SU sperm around the campus.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Don’t let the thought of STIs stop you from having sex, just play say and get checked regularly.  The institute’s health service provides free STI checks to all students. They are located in the student centre. Keep an eye out for STI clinics throughout the year.

What you may have,
• Gonorrhoea is a bacteria that infects the penis, cervix, anus and throat
• The most common indication is a discharge from the penis, which usually is obvious, burning, and comes on quickly

• Chlamydia is a very common infection that primarily infects the penis, cervix, anus and throat
• Most people who have Chlamydia have no symptoms so they do not know they

Genital Warts
• Genital warts are very common: they are hard irregular growths on the genital skin.
• They are caused by a virus, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus is so common that almost everybody catches it at some time or other. It is sexually transmitted.
• The virus causes the skin cells to overgrow into a wart

• Syphilis is transmitted during sexual contact with a person who has this infection.
• It is highly infectious, and is commonly transmitted by oral sex, and even kissing.
• Today, it is especially common in Men who have Sex with Men.

It doesn’t stop here but these are the most common. If you have any questions about STIs, Clinics or Contraception make sure you ask.

IT Sligo Student Medical Service
Location: The Student Centre
Tel: 071 93 05463 or 071 93 05205
Mobile: 087 9961873 (Emergencies Only)

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